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Nanoha Takamachi actsta and Angel Beats Petite Nendoroids

July 20, 2010

Looks like Good Smile Company is at it again with wonderful figure hobby offerings.  This time in the way of a new actsta and another set of nendoroid peties.

The actsta line is GSC’s latest action figure series, a higher end figma if you will.  These actsta action figures are definitely for the elite action figure collector.

How gorgeous is this one of Nanoha Takamachi from Lyrical Nanoha?

Nanoha Takamachi actsta Nanoha Takamachi actsta
Nanoha Takamachi actsta Nanoha Takamachi actsta
Nanoha Takamachi actsta

Here are her official specs:

Nanoha is joining the actsta collection!

From the theatrical version of Nanoha, “Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st” comes another addition to the actsta action figure series, and this time it is the main character of the movie – Nanoha Takamachi herself!

Nanoha comes with three different facial expressions, and also comes with her intelligent device, “Raging Heart” in two different modes. Yuuno is also included and fully articulated. But that is still not all – the figure also comes with parts to recreate the magical circles Nanoha used in the film when casting spells, meaning you can even recreate your favorite action scenes as they occurred in the series!

Product Details
  • Product Name actsta: Nanoha Takamachi (あくすた たかまち なのは)
  • Series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st
  • Manufacturer Good Smile Company
  • Category actsta
  • Specifications Specifications: Complete painted ABS&PVC poseable figure – 1/8th scale – approximately 165mm in height
  • Sculptor Oguma Shimon and Akeji

I know all you Lyrical Nanoha fans must be excited to add Nanoha tothe Teana & Subaru:

Teana actsta

Teana actsta

Subaru actsta

Subaru actsta

Nanoha actsta

Nanoha actsta

They make quite the set, don’t they?

Next up we have the Nendoroid Petites set from Angel Beats:

Angel Beats Nendoroid Petites

Angel Beats Nendoroid Petites

How cute are these nendos of Otonashi, Angel and Yuri?

The girls and guys who stood up and fought their fate – condensed into petite Nendoroid form!

Another set of three Nendoroid Petite figures from “Angel Beats!”, this time featuring Tenshi, the student council president of the afterlife, Otonashi, the main character who awakens with amnesia of the time he was alive and Yui, who was the adorable vocalist and guitarist of the band Girls Dead Monster.

Each figure comes with optional items, such as Tenshi’s Hand Sonic parts, Otonashi’s gun and Yui’s guitar, allowing for a variety of different poses and scenes to be remade in Nendoroid form. Tenshi also comes with two facial expressions: her standard emotionless face, as well as the smiling face that she showed in the final episode.

Product Details
  • Product Name Nendoroid Petite: Angel Beats Set 02 (ねんどろいど ぷち えんじぇるびーつ! せっと02)
  • Series Angel Beats!
  • Manufacturer Good Smile Company
  • Category Nendoroid Petite
  • Specifications Painted ABS&PVC posable figure set, not to scale, stands included, each approximately 65mm in height
  • Sculptor Itou Reiichi & Kazuyoshi Udono
  • Cooperation Nendoron
If you haven’t heard of Angel Beats yet here is a preview for you:
Nanoha is scheduled to be released in Japan in December and the Angel Beats Nendoroids are scheduled for November. They should all be going up for pre-orders within the next couple of days or so.
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