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Vash The Stampede Revoltech Trigun Action Figure

July 25, 2011
Vash The Stampede Revoltech Trigun Action Figure
This is a classic example of stunning design with excellent quality build. Great figure from Trigun, which will make a showcase piece in any collection, pre-order today from Otaku Fuel. Will be available in late December so don’t miss out!!
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo

[Able to freely adjust the flowing red coat, turning imaginative poses into reality, a brand new Vash is here.]

– based on the new designs from the 2010 Trigun Movie, “Vash the Stampede” has been turned into Revoltech under the complete supervision of Yasuhiro Nightow, the Author of the original.
– On the 5 hems of the long red coat, 2 4mm joint has been used for a total of 10 joints.
– It doesn’t just move well, but this figure has been equipped with new movement never been achieved before!
– You can enjoy the ability to adjust the hems of the long coat flowing in all directions, as if it was really blown by the wind!
– By changing each tip, you can increase the range of expression.
– Packed with a total of 26 joints, you can enjoy a stimulating range of action poses! Jump! Run! Shoot! You can freely create the poses imaginable!
– Three face parts with expression of gentle smile, serious expression and the sunglasses.
– Comes with a gun-holding hand and the hidden gun on the left arm.
– A total of 7 hand parts excluding the 2 gun holding hands.
– Uses a 4mm Revolver Joint, with high free movement range, on the wrist to allow great variety of gun action.
– An effect parts for firing 6 bullets in the sound of a single shot has been included, to make things more dramatic!
– Comes with the rubble stand for recreating a scene, display stand and effect base are also included.
– Increase the play value by making him fight with “Nicolas D Woldwood”(No.92) due for release at the same time.

– Height: approx. 150mm
– Mobile points: Total 26 places
– No. of Revolver Joints: Total 26 used: 10mm joint x4, 8mm joint x6, 8mm DoubleJoint x2, 6mm joint x1, 4mm joint x13

– Accessories: Left arm hidden gun x1, Gun-held hand x1, Option hand x7, Option face x2, 1 sound 6 shot effect parts x1, Display Stand + Extension parts x1, Rubble stand x1, Effect Base x1.
Item Size : 21.8 x 21.5 x 6.5 cm

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