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Vash the Stampede Plush

October 17, 2015
Trigun Vash plush
Watch a Hands-on review of our Vash the Stampede Plush
Manufactured by GE Animation
Unboxing or “unbagging” of the Trigun: Vash 9 inch Vash the Stampede Plush stuffed toy-doll.
This plushie is pretty straight forward. Vash in his plush form is about 9 inches tall and has a painted on face that expresses his innocent childlike expression awaiting your favorable reply to his plee for powdered doughnuts cause they make him go nuts. His whole presentation is so cute your dog will want one too…. Best buy 2. It comes in a bag that apparently you can suffocate yourself with if you are under age. :/ So watch out for that.
I’m actually quite impressed with the level of detail in his coat and straps under his boots. The felt hair is glued on in the cut-out style typical of plushies and is probably one of the more accurate representations in a plush hairdo I’ve seen.
To Purchase this dangerous bag and the plushie that happens to come inside it see the link at the end of this post or browse our plush toys section of our site.
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